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Being accused of a crime could damage your reputation. If you're convicted, it could ruin your life. Don't jeopardize your freedom - reach out to Spalding Law LLC for help. Our criminal law firm has a proven track record of building criminal defenses for clients in the Bloomington, IN area. We'll do everything possible to get you a favorable outcome.

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You can turn to Spalding Law LLC for nearly any legal issue

You can turn to Spalding Law LLC for nearly any legal issue

When you need effective legal representation, Spalding Law LLC is on your side. Contact us if you need...



Whether you need to draft a will or you've suffered a personal injury, our law firm can help. Speak with a member of our legal team in Bloomington, IN today to find out more about our services.




Why should you choose Spalding Law LLC?

Spalding Law LLC provides legal representation within a wide range of practice areas, including estate planning, criminal defense, expungement and personal injury. Our law firm combines the personal service and client-centered approach of a small firm with the technology and resources of a larger practice.

You can count on us to provide flexible and cost-effective strategies to deal with your situation. We'll help you navigate any legal issue.